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Solution For Hair Branching

Has branched hair is annoying. besides reducing confidence, branched hair makes us look sloppy and unhealthy. do the following tips to reduce your branched hair !

solusi mengatasi masalah rambut bercabang

Are any of you are having problems branched hair? If so, the only way to get rid of split ends is to cut it. Because basically, hair that has been branching will not be reunited again.

However, before branching your hair, it is better to prevent it in advance. Here are some tips to prevent split ends.

Use Conditioner 

Shampoo alone will not help reduce the occurrence of split ends. We also need to use conditioner. Use your favorite conditioner with protein to nourish the hair. let stand at least 3-5 minutes then rinse. Do not forget to use serum or hair vitamins thereafter.

Do not comb too fast !

Combing is an important ritual for hair. not only make the hair regularly, but also distribute the natural oils from the scalp to the hair ends. These natural oils will make the end of the hair which is usually branched into more moist and protected. So, make it a habit from now to comb the hair more painstaking again.

Use a hair mask

No need to salon, just do this ritual with your favorite hair mask 1-2 times a week. Could use masks are sold freely on the market or use natural ingredients such as olive oil, avocado or honey. Even you can also use mayonnaise. Mayonnaise is believed to help moisturize and nourish the hair. Most importantly, do not memasker your hair too often because it can cause dandruff and make your hair limp.

Avoid Heat

Reduce the use of a hair dryer and hair styler. The heat from these tools can damage the lining of the hair shaft. As much as possible, if you're not too hurry, let your hair dry by itself.

Looks easy right?

Let's take care of your hair so that no branching!

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