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Simple Healthy Resolutions That Definitely Can You Do!

Still with a lifestyle that's it? Bosen is not it? We have any advice for you who want a healthier life!

Is enough to make an annual resolution that only ignorant within 2 weeks. Perhaps the resolution you to live a healthy life you made too heavy and difficult to do directly.

Certainly not easy to change your lifestyle over the years, ranging from food to daily aktvitas, but it does not mean can not! Try starting from simple things, like some of these things:

Clean Toothbrush Routine
Did you know that the toothbrush can be a great place for the bacteria to breed? A study found that the average toothbrush is contaminated at least 10 million germs, and are potentially contaminated with harmful bacteria such as E.coli.

To kill these germs, you can wash your toothbrush regularly every few days using fumes water / hot water.

Do not Let Virus Linger in In Confined Space
The rainy season often makes you catch the disease which either comes from where. To avoid the risk of getting the flu should you open the window when he was in the room or when the car with someone you a sense of being sick.

Research at the University of Queensland discovered, is 90 minutes in the car with people who get the flu will make you 99.9% infected. This risk will be reduced to 20% if you open the window. Not only in the car, but the same risk also applies when you are indoors.

Throw Slime Flu Now
Flu or cold is a disease that is very disturbing. You can not breathe so, then you are forced to remove mucus from both nostrils. This is a fatal error, remove mucus through both nostrils can actually push the mucus back into the sinuses and lead to infection.

If you do have to remove mucus when the flu, do it through one nostril only.

Consumption Yogurt Every Day!
It turns out that dairy products can help you protect yourself from the name diabetes know! A study at the University of Cambridge shows the consumption of probiotic yogurt 125g low-fat as much as 5 times a week, can reduce the risk of diabetes by 28%. That is because the good bacteria and vitamin C contained in fermented milk products. But remember well ladies, do not mix the yogurt with foods that have a high glucose content and consume to excess.

Try to Stand Alone!
Always use seat periphery while standing? Stop yuk in this year! Put your feet firmly on the floor, tighten your abdominal muscles, tighten your butt, and then try to lift your body up to a standing position. This way will help strengthen the muscles of the body you know!

In this way, you have done a similar exercise with the squat exercise. This exercise will be perfect if you did the same thing when going to sit. It is the most effective exercises, which will maintain stability in the hip and surrounding areas.

Easy right? To change habits and unhealthy lifestyle may not be as easy as turning the palm of the hand. Everything needed process, perform from simple things to get extraordinary results. Good luck ladies!

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