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It took months until people realize the seriousness of this problem [EBOLA]

In October, when the report of the virus first appeared, search 'ebola' to 76 times higher than in March. This causes a spike in the 5th highest search throughout 2014

Ebola virus
The whole world is anxious
Ebola outbreak began in Guinea and spread to neighboring countries, with isolated cases in Spain and the US. Three of the top ten searches for 'ebola' comes from Japan, a country that has absolutely nothing to report contact with this virus. People all over the world search to get more information as the news spread.

The Ebola virus is a zoonotic disease that is known to be deadly to humans and primates. The virus is spread through direct contact with body fluids. 'Ebola symptoms' (Ebola symptoms) was third in the virus-related searches.

Protective clothing hazardous materials (hazardous materials suit) is used to protect the whole body, so that the wearer can handle infectious or hazardous materials. Search 'hazmat suit' jumped up to 18-fold this year.

WHO can help
In a related search this virus, 'ebola spread' (the spread of the Ebola) is a major concern, followed by 'ebola cure' (drug ebola). In October, a search for 'world health organization' (World Health Organization) peaked, as their efforts to combat the plague.

Many believe that the fruit bats of the family Pteropodidae a natural host of Ebola, search 'ebola bats' (bat ebola) has increased dramatically after no search for this term in previous years.

Fact and fiction
In October, the search for a movie in 1995 titled Outbreak (Plague), which tells the story of the struggle of the people of the world in controlling epidemics like the Ebola virus, an increase of 10 times higher than before in the span of ten years.

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