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Made of Beetroot, It Can Be Eaten Lip Balm

Australian skin care brand that is famous for its use of natural materials, MooGoo, has launched a series of lip balm that is free of chemicals and animal. Interestingly, because 100 percent made from natural herbs, lip balm is claimed to be eaten.

The circuit consists of three variants. Cow Lick, Honey and Strawberry Tinted tingling. The third variant, Tint Strawberry red and the color obtained from beetroot extract. Usually Cochineal, red insects that are often used in the coloring of lipstick.
MooGoo spokesman was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail, "When we look at ways to add color soft and natural to the Edible Lip Balm products, we found that most of the other brands that use 'cochineal' as a natural red dye.'s Also referred to as Carmine, Natural Colors or Natural Red Number 4. "
He added that the coloring is made by boiling Cochineal insects in the water and then the red color that appears when the insects destroyed filtered. Actually, the use of insects in coloring beauty products tend to be safe. But the MooGoo thought it was weird when knowing no residue or perhaps even animal feces stuck to the man's lips.
"So we are looking for better materials," he said.
After the search, MooGoo finally found that extracts of red beetroot can produce a more natural color, 100 percent free of animal substances and safe if swallowed. Although made from beetroot, lip balm still has strawberry flavor derived from real fruit juice.
The absence of the use of these chemicals make the output MooGoo lip balm is safe when swallowed. Because in most lip products, chemicals ingested can accumulate in the body. In the long term, ingested chemicals can negatively affect health. One of them trigger allergic reactions in people who had never had any allergies.
Lip balm that can be eaten only available in Australia and will soon follow in other countries. Sold for Rp 74 thousand.

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