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Make beautiful with Hijab & Take Home Gifts Featured at Booth 2014 Hijab Hunt

Hijab Hunt 2014 roadshow was held three major cities, Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya. Since yesterday, Saturday (14/06/2014), registration Hunt 2014 offline Hijab has been opened in Kasablanka City, Kuningan, South Jakarta. Today is the last day roadshow annual event organized by the canal in Jakarta.

On the last day, coming hijabers more than yesterday. The hijabers are present in addition to want to register Hijab Hunt 2014 also interested in the series of events presented by detikForum. Currently Elzatta fashion brand and is being held Dauky hijab tutorial. Not only tutorials but also mix and match clothing for all formal events.
Many of the benefits that can be obtained while visiting Hijab Hunt mini booth 2014 in the ground floor atrium Kasablanka City. In addition you can hijab created by stylists from Elzatta, there are a variety of exciting prizes during the event.
Each hijabers the photo booth can sign up for free and get shopping vouchers hundreds of thousands of dollars of e-commerce specifically Muslim fashion, Saqina. In addition, there is also a goodie bag of detikForum and Dauky to the present hijabers Hijab Hunt in booth 2014.
It was late afternoon, the sign hijabers increasingly crowded. There are already dozens of hijabers who register. The event continues until tonight. For those of you who want to be part of Hijab Hunt 2014, let's register now. Hijab Hunt Booth 2014 is located on the ground floor Kasablanka City Mall.

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