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Wrong way Face cleaning cause Seen Over 5 Years Old ?!

How to Clean Face That One Can Make You Look 5 Years Old! Want to Look Younger? This He trick!cara membersihkan wajah yang benar

Provide care in the face of guns should be once a week, it would be better if each day. Good care will not make rough skin, even can keep skin looking young and beautiful.

However, many women who do not know the basic skin care. Especially when cleaning the face, if one way in a long time will cause damage to the skin. Well here's the secret to wash up well to keep skin beautiful!

Advance Cause Damage
To remove makeup most women use facial cleansing, but the fact that clean the face with a long time cause damaged skin because the skin has a thin layer.

Cleaning oily makeup is important. However, the content of such facial cleansing surfactant blend of water and oil that can cause foreign substances into the skin. Face masks could be an alternative way to remove the oil on the face.

Treatment With Rubbing Part Pores For 40 Seconds
Rubbing dirt clog pores therein, as well as massaging the skin while cleansing the face can make the skin is damaged. As the aging of the skin and cause rough skin.

Wash your face with fast and soft! The time required to clean face for 40 seconds and rinse for 20 seconds. So in total for 1 minute. If it is too long, or more than 1 minute can damage your skin.

Advance Cleaning sequence True?
Clean the face from the forehead and nose with a finger gently and slowly.
Then, the cheeks and chin cleaned with finger rotate for 40 seconds.
Finally, rinse with warm water for 20 seconds.
To Eliminate Oil Use Masks
Eye makeup, mascara and the like are parts that are difficult to clean. Usually removed using a special cleaner that can clean it easily. However, the skin around eyes is thinner and more delicate than the skin.

To help prevent wrinkles, not a panda eyes, try cleaning with cotton.

First, you buy olive oil sold in pharmacies nearby. Then dikapas flush and clean the eye of eye makeup and mascara gently for 30 seconds. If it difficult to clean, try cleaning the face first. Then wipe again with cotton which were given olive oil.

Cleaning the face does not mean also clean the dirt in the pores know.

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