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Stop It If Not Want more distended stomach!

Troubled as the name potbelly? Try to remember back if you often do some things cause a distended abdomen, below.

penyebab perut buncit
Who wants to have a potbelly? Surely you do not want dong! Have belly fat would make you feel uncomfortable. Especially when you want to use the clothes that make up the body, this will greatly reduce your confidence.

Conscious or not you often assume that the distended stomach due to a lot of eating. Though not necessarily! Many things can cause you more distended stomach, and most are bad habits that you do yourself.

If you do not want your stomach semkin move forward, avoid the following practices:

Too Believe In Low Calorie Food
The dieter must know that it is often eaten in small amounts is very useful for weight loss. But many of you who still believe in a low-fat diet or a low-fat, low-fat foods though typically contain more sugar and salt to replace it feels. Reduce consumption of foods low in calories, replace with avocado, seeds, and olive oil were kayaking with unsaturated fats.

Thus, the most appropriate solution is to eat often and check the fat content in food. Avoid processed foods low in fat.

Lack Of Sleep
Lack of sleep will increase stress hormones and cortisol in the body. Increased levels of cortisol in the body will make you crave more sugar or sugary foods. Enough sleep helps you organize belly fat and appetite. So, enough for 7-9 hours of sleep each night.

Less Consumption of Protein
Consuming enough protein can help you control your appetite and increase the hormone so you do not overeat. Protein will also make you feel full longer, and make you slim naturally. Try to consume 20-25 grams of protein per meal.

Drinking soft drinks
Who among you who loved soda? Careful Well ladies, you should start reducing it. Research shows that seseoarng who consume soda every day will be thinking about the weight five times dibandingka those who consume soda 1 week.

Eating late
Because the solid activity, you so often forget to eat. Yet when you eat late, so the body will not burn all the calories you've consumed. Besides eating while lying down will also cause indigestion and acid reflux disease. KBJ suggest try to stop eating 3 hours before bedtime. If you are hungry, you should eat a small piece of fruit alone.

Fried Food
Weve can not be denied that the fried food is definitely tasty! Not only that, I make it also very easy. But remember well ladies, fried foods contain trans fats that can clog arteries and accumulate fat in the abdominal area. So when you consume fried foods should serve with salad and lemon juice to balance.

Well not only that, there are several factors that can make your stomach more and move forward. Avoid eating for emotional moment, like when angry, sad, or frustrated, especially while sitting in front of the television. You will not realize how much food has been entered. Come on ladies from now kurangin deh some habits that make you regret later on.

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