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Clitoris Secrets Should Know About Women

Although it looks small, that one part of your body is able to provide 'happiness' is more than you can imagine!

klitoris daerah sensitif wanita
What is pictured in your brain when you hear the word clitoris? A small portion of the vagina or sensitive parts of your body? Consciously or not there are still a lot of women are paying less attention intimate parts, especially parts of the clitoris. In fact there are loads of things you need to know about this one body part.

Here comes the interesting things you need to know about the clitoris!

Source Sensitivity

Did you know that the clitoris is the most sensitive place for women? There are approximately 8,000 nerve endings in the clitoris, and the number is even 2-fold compared to the number of nerve endings in the penis.

Important tasks clitoris!

The clitoris is the only part of a woman who has the duty to give pleasure. Let's say thanks to the clitoris, because it was he who was always faithful give 'happiness' at you.

Similar Turns Clitoris With Penis Why!

It could be said to have similarities with penis clitoris. The clitoris has a glans, foreskin aka clitoral hood and even clitoral shaft. Swollen clitoris will also know when aroused.

As small as it turns out not What You See

Ladies, it forms the clitoris is not as small as it looks lhoo! The clitoris actually has a body shape like a wishbone that connect it with the G-spot and make it have the power to give you a pleasure. Hmm ..

All There's the limit!

Remember Well ladies, though by stimulating the clitoris you can get pleasure and orgasm, the clitoris also has a limit. We will approach the climax, you will experience swelling clitoris size that would cause discomfort or even pain if you keep doing the stimulation at that point. So, pay attention to you when you're terasaterlalu clitoris sensitive. Better to do stimuli in other areas or the surrounding area. Tell this to your partner well!

Determining the size of Being!

A study found that the distance between the clitoris and the vaginal opening can affect orgasm know! Based on a survey conducted on 30 women, 10 women who had a greater distance between the vaginal opening declare klitori and more difficult to achieve orgasm.

Position Right For Maximum Satisfaction!

Not only that determine the size of your orgasm, but also sex positions. Each sex positions have different effects on the clitoris. So, pay attention to where the best position to give you the best thrill and satisfaction!

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