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Some Foods to Prevent Cancer

Cancer identical with the deadly disease many people feared. Not a few patients who died of the disease. Therefore, I wonder if someone is convicted with cancer will feel less confident.

In addition, cancer patients are usually soluble even in grief and adversity that they forget the most important thing a patient can do, is check out more about the disease.

Well Ladies, start by keeping your lifestyle. maintain your lifestyle. Although no one can ascertain a person free from the risk of cancer. However, at least you can help to reduce the risk of cancer, which would certainly harm yourself, one of them is by eating some healthy foods such as the following, quoted from

     Tomato. In addition to the delicious juices, tomatoes apparently also very good for preventing various cancers. One of these prostate cancer.
     Green tea. Lab studies have shown that green tea can help slow the process of growth of colon cancer, liver and prostate.
     Water. Plain water does have many benefits. In addition to blood circulation, water is also able to reduce the risk of colon cancer.
     Green vegetables. Diligently eating lettuce, spinach and other green vegetables, can increase the intake of fiber, folate and karetonoid, which can protect the body from cancer of the mouth, throat, pancreas, lung, skin and stomach.
     Wine. Fruit wine contains antioxidants and substances that reduce inflammation.
     Nuts. Nuts apparently has huge benefits for the body. In addition to protecting the body from cell damage that can lead to cancer. Nuts can also inhibit the growth of tumors.
     Berries. Strawberries and raspberries are 2 pieces that are very rich in antioxidants (other than wine) which may help slow the growth of cancer cells. Blueberries also do not lose benefits, add blueberries to your menu for extra antioxidants.
     Wild Ginger. Ginger can suppress cancer cell transformation in the body.

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