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Ice Cube Hair Removal Treatment !

Ice Cube was already known by the public as a refreshing drink, whether for syrup, tea or juice. But who would have believed Ice Cubes can also be useful for the treatment Fur. More precisely helps you eliminate fine hairs that grow on the face, which according to most women feel uncomfortable with the hair that grows on the face.

You could say you need to spend the cost is not expensive even you do not need to spend at all to do treatment remove the hair on the face of this. Enough with Ice Cube, we can do it anywhere and anytime without fear complicated. here it is

Step by Step Treatment removes fur with Ice Cubes:

  1. First of all provide ice cube sizes made to fit in the palm of the hand, to facilitate the process of applying the face
  2. Next use the clothes that are used freely as shirts in the treatment process, because it will be splattered clothes wet from melting ice cubes
  3. Do not forget to clean the face of dirt or makeup that sticks before treatment process, because the point memudahkaan liquid and ice cold seep into the skin
  4. Then apply ice cubes on the face slowly rotate like massaging of the top face with a duration of 3 minutes each section
  5. Until felt all had applied ice cubes, set aside for a moment to feel relaxed from the cold ice cube that already are applied to the face, then dry with a towel to gently press each way on a wet face.
  6. You can also use a facial scrub afterwards to give a better effect in beautifying the skin
Well that's an easy way of doing Treatment removes fur with Ice Cube, Ice Cube's own because it can eliminate the hair follicles on the face, but it does not instantly take a long-term gradual, if done on a regular basis the results of fur will be reduced in the face, because the follicles die making ruffled feathers on the face

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