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3 Things That Make Women Difficult Forgetting ex boyfriend

Many fond memories when I was going out first. Many things are hard to forget. Ex .. why are you so hard to forget?
You are not alone if it is still difficult to forget ex boyfriend. Even when a woman already has a new partner, sometimes former shadow will reappear. Worse, you even begin to compare with the current partner's ex-girlfriend.
If you have this, you will keep running in the same circle. Yet life must move forward. What should be left out, so leave.
Based on a small survey conducted Vemale, here's a few things that make her hard to forget his ex-girlfriend.

Stealth Still Love Him

Most women said that she actually still loves her ex-boyfriend, and love him secretly. It is very likely if the cause of the break up of the former are the things that are out of your desires and he, for example, the parents did not give consent. You are already comfortable with him, but all must come to an end. Despite breaking up, your heart does not want to move on from ex-boyfriend.
Now Spouses Not good as former

The most stifling in fact part of this, when you've got a new partner, but you still remember the ex-girlfriend. In fact, you still often compare ex-girlfriend with a current partner. How do you want to move on if it continues to compare? Let us guess, for a lot of things, ex-girlfriend looks much better than your current girlfriend.
More ex-girlfriend Approaching Your Ideal Type

Every woman must have some type of an ideal mate, there are couples who want a high, something to pair with certain properties, and so on. This is normal and can be a plus when women actually find the ideal type as he imagined. Problems will arise if the ex-boyfriend approached the ideal type. The possibility of women will be more difficult to move on and feel there is no better way to ex-girlfriend.

Actually very natural when man is hard to forget the sweet memories of the past. But sweet-sweet memories of the past, lest it become a wedge for your future.
Remember a wise sentence that says: Disconnect to be released, its presence may not be worth it for your future.

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