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Couple Make Dramatic Wedding Photos, Set in Forest Fire

Photos of the wedding couple Michael and April Wolber so the news m
edia. That makes them attractive photo of attention is due to the background of the photo is a fire atmosphere.

As quoted from CNN, Michael and April's wedding held at Rock Springs Ranch last weekend. At that time the two almost cancel an important event such as a forest fire near the wedding location. The fire spread quickly and can be harmful to living things around.

When preparing to walk down the aisle April meet Michael, the sound of fire engine sirens blaring. Officers who came said they all had to be evacuated. The bride and groom's parents tried to talk to the officer. They hope to keep the wedding ceremony is held and will take place very quickly.

April and Michael's parents efforts to fruition. Firefighters changed his mind and allowed the couple from Oregon, USA, was to hold a wedding, but the record does not spend a long time.

Although the marriage did not go according to plan due to the location of the party must move, couples April and Michael still get experience and an unforgettable memory. Both can make a wedding photo with a very dramatic backdrop that is the atmosphere of forest fires.

Josh Newton, April and Michael's wedding photographer that makes the picture dramatically. "Everything feels surreal, creepy at the same time. We were all in shock., But the atmosphere was too romantic and something that only happens once in a lifetime," said Josh.

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