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How to grow a white face and youthful

First Use Milk, prepare a container that holds the milk, just add a little water so that the liquid increases, continue to apply in front of you, wait until it is completely dry and you advance faster .. then rinse with warm water in order to face the current optimal pembersihanya ..

both prepare avocado, mashed avocado trick until completely smooth .. then apply illustrious You and your hand .. let stand half an hour, then immediately wipe again with cold water ..
Third use honey, the honey Apply to face just until evenly You get to try your neck too huh .. let sit for 30 minutes-60 minutes. rinse with warm water and then rinse again with cold water rinse, the benefits of honey itself in order to face and neck You firmer.
All four use baking soda, baking soda itself can actually lift dead skin-skin on the face you, but not too often just wear the baking soda, use 2 months only ..
Using fruit to five Anggur.caranya grab some grapes, then cut into two parts in the grapes, the wine vuah apply to face you, apply evenly and over and over again until you feel is enough, if already completed and rinse water cool ..
to six Olive Oil, Oil yaitun this works for your lips, so lips You grow more beautiful shiny and moist, will affect the face if you maintained your lips. Apply olive oil before you sleep, let stand until you woke up the next morning and rinse when you bathe lah ..
Seven to use egg yolk, apply on your face and neck until blended, make as comfortable as possible when wearing the yolk because it smells unpleasant, use in front of a fan that will relieve not like the smell of egg yolks is less friendly .. wait 30 minutes samapai 1 hour, then rinse with warm water lah ..
to eight could also use egg white, egg yolk and mix You can also, but there are actually properties in egg yolks ..
nine to prepare yam, yam pieces of this nature makes you grow white skin as well as clean, use this fruit in advance se is often impossible because the effect was really guaranteed to make you face grew white .. trick just mashing the yam until smooth, then in You pleskan in advance, samapai wait 1 hour and rinse immediately dengam plain water, dirt stuck to the front You will be lifted easily increase if wearing the yam pieces ..
To ten, often it is the way you sleep last of my cause as well as sleeping face You will be releks, not always tense, try to smile often and massage the face you and your hands alone in the morning ..

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